Software update

  • (Oct, 31, 2018) A Major update of the software (v20180924)
  • (Jan 19, 2018) The document was corrected by Dr. Laleh Quinn.
  • (Dec 7, 2017) The document was revised with great help of a new contributor, Marcelo Aguilar-Rivera.
  • (Nov 8, 2017) The first version of the software and the document were released (v20181109)!

Coming presentation in academic meetings

  • Neuroscience 2018, annual meeting of SfN, San Diego, US (Nov, 2018) Abstract
  • IBRO-APRC School on Neural plasticity in health and disease, New Delhi, India (Oct-Nov, 2018)

Past presentation in academic meetings

  • IBNS 2017 annual meeting, Hiroshima, Japan (June, 2017)  official site
  • The 40th annual meeting Japan neuroscience society, Chiba, Japan (July, 2017) official site
  • Neuroscience 2017, annual meeting of SfN, Washington DC, US (Nov, 2017) official site
  • Consortium of Biological Sciences 2017, Kobe, Japan (Dec, 2017) official site